BREAKTHRU gets you CLOSER to your goals

julio 22, 2022


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get the results you’ve always got”

… And if you are not entirely satisfied with those results, you may as well make some changes… 

Suppose you have been studying English for say 5 or even 10 years, but you find yourself struggling when it comes to speaking or even understanding other people, or you think your English is a bit too basic compared to the amount of time you have invested. In that case, you may be interested in the English Mastery series, a work with which I am trying to fix the frustration that many advanced students feel. These books are also the result of my disappointment with the methods, materials and ideas about language learning that have been around for quite a long time, and which ultimately lead to more frustration.

I am a teacher of English as a second language and I have been working at the official language school (EOI) for about 15 years. During all these years, I have encountered hundreds of people like you: they had been studying for ages, but their skills were a bit so-so. It was not their fault, it was not a lack of motivation, and it was not that they were not applying the ultimate methodology, a game changer that would have them speaking good English effortlessly.

In the majority of the cases, they needed to be inspired and see how all the language they were trying to learn applied to real-life situations and real-life conversations. I know it is hard to really get invested in something if you find the materials you are given predictable, underwhelming, or downright boring. I felt that way with all the course books and materials I was using to teach my students, and I decided to change that.

Around that time I was also heavily inspired by the philosophy of self-improvement. Don’t get me wrong: my background on life-coaching or motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and the like is ZERO. And I have no interest in them, either. It was the works of authors like Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, Stephen Covey, Cal Newport, or MJ de Marco which opened my eyes and really resonated with me. In all those books I learned about the importance of having control over one’s life, by making the right choices, and cultivating the right habits; I learned about growing and maturing in the face of adversity, and about being proactive and not reactive; that is, focusing more on the things we can control, and spend less time ruminating about the ones we have no influence on. I also learned that time (not money) is the most valuable asset we own, and that wasting it is an awful thing to do. This is the philosophy underpinning Breakthru, and I wanted to share it with learners of English and people who are enthusiastic about learning and growing, in general.

English Mastery is not just a course to really take your language skills to the next level, it is a learning experience to take your LIFE skills to the next level. Life skills that you can use to make more progress in your studies, in your career, in your job, or even when it comes to health or personal relationships.

And if you were wondering why it is a good idea to have above-average English skills, a whole new world of opportunities is going to be available to you: more working opportunities, more chances of expanding your online business, more possibilities of reaching out to a larger audience and more social media engagement if you are on any platform and you wish to do so… not to mention the amount of relationships you can cultivate and the places where you can feel at home.

Every major change in one’s life- in the right direction- starts with an action. And as far as English is concerned, I would love to be part of that process.

You can check the books of the Mastery series here. You can download an entire chapter of English Mastery and get the entire bundle for an incredible price. I guarantee that you will love them.