Reaccionando a Errores Típicos en Inglés con Memes

febrero 3, 2023


Éstos son algunos de los errores más típicos en inglés, que incluso alumnos de niveles intermedio (e incluso avanzado!) cometen, especialmente a la hora de hablar, tanto en clase como en conversaciones espontáneas. ¡Riámonos de ellos y no los cometamos más!

A couple of years ago I had my students come up with memes mocking mistakes they would unintentionally make; this was aimed at portraying some very frequent and typical errors in a humorous tone, in a light-hearted manner. But, of course, it was not only about making fun of some mistakes but also about making the people who make them see why they sound so ridiculous at a certain level (THIS level, for example) and how much they can hurt one’s spoken performance and subsequent result in an exam.

Please, excuse my bluntness and do not be offended by the write-ups and headlines, it is just what your memes inspired me. Let’s try to spend less time feeling offended and more trying to overcome those mistakes, shall we?

BTW, that one above is the meme that I found most hilarious and the one which I’ll print, plasticize and put on the classroom wall. The others were good, but that truly cracked me up. Thumbs up, José Antonio!


Memes Against Stubbornness- PPT file