Javier blanco



"English Mastery has been a real game changer in my English learning after more than 20 years of studying English thoroughly. At higher levels, it is extremely difficult to find a textbook that exactly meets your needs in an amusing and meaningful way. Luckily, Javier Blanco has combined engaging topics, exam-like tasks, and a wide range of C2 expressions and idioms that will boost your writing and oral interactions. All told, this textbook is presented in a clear, original, and easy-to-follow layout. Regarding the C2 level standards, it complements, expands, and deepens the knowledge under your belt, and it makes you knuckle down to help you pass the exam with flying colors".
Advanced English Student
"The book English Mastery is outstanding, not only in terms of learning advanced English, but also regarding the contents we contained in it. The topics were connected to the latest trends and they made me eager to learn more, without almost any effort we were developing our language skills by doing exercises and activities that were absolutely engaging. I particularly enjoyed the indirect way they related to psychology and self-knowledge techniques, it made us experience and get to know more about ourselves and the world we live in. I would absolutely recommend these textbooks to anyone who wants to not only master the language but to enjoy the adventure of learning through it."
English Mastery is a real-life learning method supported by thought-provoking topics. Critical thinking is provided for reflection on current issues. Engagement becomes effective allowing students to dig deep into the content and come up with ideas in a meaningful way. The incorporation of cultural notes throughout all the units makes it even more attractive keeping students highly motivated as these notes are cultural links to podcasts, newspaper articles, videos, interviews, Ted Talks, quotes, films, songs, etc. A large number of engaging ready-to-use classroom activities are provided for listening, writing, reading, mediating and speaking practice. They are treasure troves worth considering when teaching as they will make your life as a C2 teacher more “peaceful”. English Mastery undoubtedly stretches C2 students making them get out of their comfort zone, hands down.
Teresa Vercher
C2 teacher and coordinator - Catedrática de inglés, EOI Gandia, Valencia
Are you struggling jumping from C1 level to C2? Mastering English has never been a walk in the park. Scarcely have I acknowledged a better method for that, than Javier Blanco´s English Mastery. Additionally, Speaking Mastery and Gaining Momentum complement quite well the “big book”, EM. In the former, you have plenty of opportunities to consolidate phrasal verbs, idioms and other expressions regarding the different units. And in the latter, you can practice your grammar in an easy way, without too much effort. Everybody at class has loved the controversial topics which we have seen throughout the year, such as: gender equality, racial hatred, parenting styles, postmodern art, remaking blockbusters, wanderlust of traveling and love, sex and relationships. I cannot express my gratitude to Javier for taking his time for researching and offering us an innovative and up-to-date focus of learning English. Thank you!!
Advanced Student, Madrid.
Cristina Zezere
Profesora Inglés EOI Torrelavega
Albert Romeu
(Advanced student)
“If you are a teacher looking for a resource that covers your syllabus and requires no prep time, is evidence-based and learner-engaging, look no further. These books are incredible resources to add to your collection. I extremely highlight the list of grammar and vocabulary items including phrases, expressions, and idioms related to the topic in each session of the units. They not only help us teachers scaffold students on their journey to English mastery but also are handy and helpful for students who prefer self-study mode. These books undoubtedly minimize the unnecessary workload for teachers and let us enjoy teaching”.
Ngoc Dung Nguyen Luu
Teacher in EOI Tribunal, Madrid and Cambridge speaking examiner
“I am so glad I came across English Mastery, perfect for C2 students. I cannot wait to use all the content on paper in our English classroom. It has facilitated my task as a C2 teacher, easy ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to the digital content to plan and accommodate it for our curriculum. Lessons are outlined with multiple versatile resources and a great variety of topics, adaptable for me to tailor them to our needs, thus reducing teacher workload. Thanks for guiding my students through the so-hard task of improving their results and reinforcing vocab learning at such a level".
Carolina Javato
EOI Coslada-San Fernando
“English Mastery has proved to be an invaluable asset in our day-to-day, as English teachers and the go-to trove of resources whenever we need extra material to supplement our advanced classes. The concept behind English Mastery works like a charm in a teaching institution like Escuela Oficial de Idiomas due to the wide range of current topics it touches on under ten umbrella units, the fine balance between receptive and productive skills, the hyper-updated vocabulary, the challenging, subtly integrated grammar practice, the exam-like tasks most activities are geared toward, not to mention a plethora of mediation activities together with their sample answers. And everything revolves around authentic materials, which are totally in sync with the demands of today’s EOIs exams. In short, English Mastery is a ground-breaking method that has come to revolutionize the teaching panorama of very advanced classes and that is welcomed by both teachers and students alike”.
Pablo Arroyo Ruiz I Diego Cara Álvarez
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas nº 1 de Zaragoza
“I fell in love with C2 Mastery ever since I had the chance to look at one of its units. I had already considered other C2 textbooks and found them way below the level as described in the CEFR. I had made up my mind to do without a book and design my own materials just from scratch and 100% based on authentic sources. That’s precisely what Javier Blanco’s book offered me. Throughout the course I have witnessed how my class was constantly engaged in interesting topics and faced challenging tasks that have resulted in academic excellence. The exercises in the book are in line with the exam tasks given in language schools and the author has been more than willing to answer my questions or provide additional help of any kind when requested. C2 Mastery has certainly filled a textbook gap aimed at C-level students”.
Vicenta Ortín
EOI Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia
“If you’re tired of the same old same old as far as EFL books go, look no further. English Mastery is a breath of fresh air. In all my years as an English teacher, never before have I enjoyed reading a ‘textbook’ so much. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the passionate journey of learning and teaching”.
Nicholas Moramarco
EOI, Santander
“I’m really enjoying these books. It is the first year that I consider we have useful books”.
student (EOI Alcorcón)